5 Advantages Solopreneurs Gain by Partnering with an Administrative Consultant

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For most business owners, your business starts as a one-man crew–you. Along with developing your niche, services, and website, your primary focus is getting the word out about your expertise and services to build up your clientele. Once you start gaining exposure and onboarding clients, you’re feeling good because you’re producing work, solidifying yourself and your business, and earning a living all on your own. Eventually, though, you realize that your workload is increasing, you’re receiving more interest from potential clients, and the operational needs of your business are piling on. While exposure and more clients are important for business growth, increasing operational needs–while necessary and unavoidable–can ultimately hinder the growth of a solopreneur’s business. As your clientele and workload increase, how will you have more time to market your business? How will you be able to take on more clients and increase your bottom line? When will you have time for family, friends, and personal interests if those precious hours, outside of client work and executive tasks you should be focused on, are spent trying to catch up on billing, business expenses, reviewing and simplifying policies, procedures, and systems, and updating your website?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to do it all alone to run a successful solo business. Partnering with a fellow business owner who specializes in administrative support–an administrative consultant–offers many benefits for your business. Here’re five ways an administrative consultant can be an asset to a solo business.

  • Knowledge: If you’re a social media expert, you’re skilled at analyzing social media data and creating strategies and campaigns to boost a company’s social media engagement. If you’re an auto mechanic, you know all about engine parts, brakes, and fluids down to specific vehicle make, model, and year, and how to repair vehicles for longevity. Well, just like you know the ends and outs of your field, administrative consultants are experts in the administrative profession. Administrative consultants are all about handling the operational and administrative aspects of your business, such as implementing  and/or revamping policies and procedures; creating structure and simplifying systems; managing records, schedules, meetings, events, and travel; and, handling budget and expenses. In addition to these tasks, many administrative consultants are also well versed in other skills, such as website design, graphic design, social media, etc. So, just as solopreneurs look to you for your knowledge and expertise to cover a particular area of their business, solopreneurs look to administrative consultants for guidance, support, and effective handling of the administrative and operational aspects of their business, allowing them to focus on their passion and opportunities that increase their bottom line.
  • Organization: An administrative consultant can keep you and your business organized by developing and/or improving processes, procedures, and systems; managing business and client files; scheduling and tracking tasks; conducting research; handling budgets and expenses; preparing correspondence, reports, presentations, and publications; engaging with clients, vendors, and partners on your behalf; and, other tasks essential to administrative and business operations.
  • Increased Productivity: Collaborating with an administrative consultant takes most of the administrative and operational load off you, so you’re able to focus more time and energy into client work, and even increase your roster of clients, which means more $$$.
  • Growth: This goes hand-in-hand with productivity, as the backend workload taken off your shoulders by partnering with an administrative consultant allows you to focus more on business growth and expansion. With an administrative consultant handling your business’s administrative and operational tasks, you’re able to pitch your idea to partner with a leading organization for increased visibility. Or, expand your niche and services to reach a larger audience.
  • Time: We’re always looking for more time in a day, right? With an administrative consultant on deck to handle the behind-the-scenes of your solo business, not only does this free up time for you to take on more revenue-generating and expansion opportunities, you can also get more YOU time–time with family, friends, personal hobbies–things that give you a better work-life balance.

So, just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to do it all. Partnering with an experienced administrative professional can ease your workload and allow you more freedom for business growth and YOU.

This article originally appeared on my personal site, shawntiamiddleton.info.


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